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What people are saying about the Hoffmann Healing Arts Services...

Karin D

"Mackee is a thoughtful and sensitive practitioner. She uses her gift of listening and communication to develop her plan of treatment; this ensures that it is your goal/intention that is being tended to. Highly recommend Mackee and her Sound Therapy for others' healing journey's."

Courtney H

"Mackee is an excellent teacher of qigong. Each session is such a calming experience that holds so much meaning as Mackee has such a great way of explaining the whys and hows of the practice while meeting the client wherever they are at within their healing journey. I am looking forward to seeing what other services mackee will offer in the future!"

Real heal symbol. Fliped a wooden cube with words 'Real heal'. Beautiful orange background

Ivan A

"Mackee is an excellent sound healer with a natural bond to both healing and music/sound."

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